What’s a great way to market your brick-and-mortar business to people who work nearby but don’t live in the neighborhood? Wide-format graphics, including sidewalk signs!

Your target audience walks or drives by your location multiple times a day. A well-placed professional sidewalk sign is one of your best, most effective tools for reaching this core audience.

Some people see sidewalk signs as primarily for impulse purchases. This is not necessarily the case. While impulse can get your customers to buy on any given day, so can a steady drip of marketing messages that influence them over time.

Some tips for making the most of sidewalk signs:

Make it professional.

Some businesses use hand-made signs, but a professionally designed and printed sign sends a different message. It communicates professionalism, credibility, and trustworthiness.

Think branding.

Use the same fonts, logo and brand colors as on your other marketing communications. You are building an image, and when it comes to image, consistency is important.

Change it up.

Part of the appeal of sidewalk signs is the ability to change them on a regular basis. Create different signs for different days of the week, different seasons and different local events.

Stock up.

Signs are a great investment. They are generally made from durable, waterproof materials that are made to last. Most require little maintenance and fold flat so you can store them out of the way when you aren’t using them. So don’t be afraid to print enough signs to cover all your bases. You will reap the returns for a long time!

Sidewalk signs and other wide-format graphics are a great way to get your message out to your core audience. Customers and potential customers pass by your business all the time. Make the most of this traffic!

Dress up your storefront with a professional sidewalk sign from Graphic Village. Capture your customers’ attention with eye-popping graphics and color-consistent quality. Our large-format experts are here to help!