Electoral Excellence: One-Stop, Tailored Solutions for Elections

Elevate your edge at the polls with the following four key areas of electoral success from Graphic Village. Our refined Election Services not only ensure memorability, increased familiarity, and heightened brand loyalty, but they also amplify name recognition, keeping candidates and issues firmly in voters’ minds, especially where it matters most – at the polls. Enrich your campaign experience as our dedicated Elections Team orchestrates seamless solutions under one umbrella – streamlining processes for enhanced visibility, productivity, and cost-effectiveness. Trust Graphic Village to bring brilliance and peace-of-mind to your election endeavors – crafting results that are impactful, memorable, and triumphant.

Election Service Print Solutions

Offering a range of professional printing and electoral marketing solutions, coupled with exceptional mailing services, we not only enhance name recognition, but also provide electoral marketers with crucial guidance for secure and seamless elections. Allow our Elections Team to streamline your projects under one umbrella, eliminating the need for multiple vendors. This enhances visibility and productivity while reducing costs to align with your budget needs.

Branded Merchandise and Apparel

Utilizing apparel and promotional products provides an excellent avenue to boost candidate name recognition. When strategically paired with a print campaign, branded merchandise not only fosters brand loyalty, creates memorability, and enhances familiarity, but it also ensures a continual presence in the minds of voters. Properly aligned with a print campaign, branded merchandise not only enhances brand loyalty and memorability for voters, but also increases familiarity among poll workers, meeting the voting location requirements set by the state.

Cost-Effective Voter Targeted Direct Mail

In the realm of electoral campaign tools, high-quality, personalized, and relevant direct mail stands out as a formidable force – exerting a more profound influence on voters compared to TV ads (AAPC). With 77% of voters still checking their mailbox at least four days a week (USPS), direct mail continues to be one of the most potent electoral campaign tools, making a significant impact on voters while reaching them where they live. Our proven logistics strategies, optimizing campaigns at their best, combined with our in-house USPS-certified mail center, ensures that your mail pieces qualify for the highest postal discounts. Additionally, we offer first-class, presort, labeling, and drop-shipping resources for your convenience.

Variable Data Printing and Personalization

In electoral marketing, personalization is key, especially with minority voters (USPS/AAPC). Beyond mere faces in the crowd are individuals – people with distinct names and specific concerns. Variable Data Printing (VDP) transforms your electoral marketing into an engaging, personalized dialogue. Through VDP, each piece can differ by incorporating first names, varying graphics, and valuable information that resonates on a personal level. This degree of customization fosters a truly personalized and engaging experience.

Call or Email Our Elections Team at:

Tom Cooper – Account Manager
O: 513-241-1865 x1970
M: 937-405-3332

Julie Bennett – Account Manager
O: 513-241-1865 x1112
M: 937-605-4012

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  • Election Day Ballot Printing
  • Absentee Ballot Printing and Mailing
  • In-Office Mail tracking Solutions
  • NCOA Mailing / Register to Vote reminders
  • Envelopes for in-office and special mailing projects
  • Poll Signage for County Office
  • PEO Training Manuals
  • Precinct Kits
  • Large Format Yard Signs
  • Banners, Flyers, and Posters for Rallies and other Campaign Events
  • Door Hangers and Bumper Stickers
  • Custom T-Shirts and other Branded Apparel
  • Custom Buttons, Lapel Pins, Magnets, and Stickers
  • Branded Mugs, Water Bottles, Pens, Fans, Mouse Pads, and Pennants
  • Table Covers, Tent Kits, and Retractable Pull-Up Banners
  • Other branded merchandise items
  • Custom Direct Mail: Letters, Postcards, Self-mailers, and more
  • Variable Printing Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Tested Mail Logistics Strategies and Solutions
  • A USPS Certified Mail Center
  • Variable Targeted postcard mailings
  • Comprehensive data management (Segmented by demographics, lifestyle and cluster spectrums)
  • Gang offset runs (One-week turnaround)
  • Smaller digital runs with mail lists
  • Daily mailings (Defined as a 48-hour turn)
  • Coordination with County Board of Elections
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