At times like these, we especially appreciate your faith in us. In our commitment to continuously serve our valued clients, we would like to provide the following update concerning our steps to continue reliable operations during this unprecedented time. Today, we remain fully operational and business-as-usual, with no impacts to our supply chain. To mitigate the ever-increasing challenges posed by the coronavirus, we are focusing on the following areas:

1. Staffing: Eliminating single points of dependence, Graphic Village has long emphasized having a cross-trained workforce to allow our company to work and maintain efficient production when employees need to be out for a variety of circumstances. We believe this training, as well as the redundancy we already have in place, will serve us well during this period of uncertainty. Furthermore, we are protecting our valued employees by following the COVID-19 guidelines and protocols, as per the CDC and OSHA.

2. Cross-functional COVID-19 Response Team: We have designated a cross-functional team, including our C-Suite/CEO level, to focus on five workstreams: (a) employees, (b) client care, (c) supply chain, and (d) financial stress-testing and contingency.

3. Social distancing: A couple of our departments, that are not customer service nor production oriented, have already established work-from-home routines. We are looking at other departments to see where it would make sense to proactively set up the capacity for remote operations in the event of an infection at our facility. Additionally, we are creating separations from group clustering congregation – this includes lunches and designated breaks.

4. Interfacing with Strategic Vendors: We are in constant contact with our key suppliers to ensure they are also establishing plans to guarantee the delivery of needed materials and services that are critical to our production.

5. Workforce Education: We have been providing updated information to our employees as we have received it. It has been, and continues to be, our goal to provide accurate information to the members of our team so they are aware of the actual risks posed by this virus. We also provide these updates so our team understands and follows the steps in order to prevent further spread and contagion.

6. Scalability and Resources: As a member of the Premiere Printers Network (PPN), Graphic Village has access to additional, nationwide resources which allows us to scale our business and provide added production capabilities if needed due to unforeseen workforce shortages or other unexpected circumstances. In addition, we have depth within our vendor networks that provides easy access to materials and services.

As always, we appreciate your business and the trust you have placed in Graphic Village. We recognize our responsibility to continually meet the needs of our clients and will work to do that with every resource at our disposal.

The Graphic Village Team