You’ve spent considerable time developing targeted, personalized campaigns that drive traffic to your stores. Once people get there, do they find what they need? Is their in-store time a positive experience, or does it result in frustration and disappointment?

When it comes to creating positive shopping experiences, large format graphics can play an essential role in how customers experience your brand. Not only do they help with wayfinding, introduce customers to new products, and announce discounts and sales, but – designed around the human experience – experiential, environmental retail graphics create a lasting impression, establish consistency and promote engagement.

Connecting people with the space that surrounds them is imperative. Done well, it can even make customers less price-sensitive.

Here are five tips for making the most of retail graphics:

Images Before Text
You’d think that larger graphics would support more text, but the opposite is true. Oversized signage, displays and wall graphics are most effective when they feature imagery rather than words.

Use White Space
Don’t clutter up the graphic. Eye-catching images and bold color/contrast grab attention. Use white space to keep the background clean and simple.

Understand Your Audience
Designing retail graphics is not dissimilar to designing marketing collateral or a website. Know who your patrons are and what they are searching for. For example, are your consumers locals, people who come into your store on a regular basis; or are they tourists for whom the layout and organization of the store is unknown? Are they looking for a specific product that has been advertised, or are they likely to just be browsing? All of these factors influence how you utilize large format graphics in a branded environment.

Make it Different and Distinctive
Studies have shown that in a retail environment, contrast is key to garnering attention. If you are selling beach clothing in blues, greens, and pinks, for example, develop graphics that are bright yellow or a high contrast purple. Don’t let your brand blend into the background.

Reduce Price-Sensitivity with Good Navigation
Did you know that when customers easily navigate a retail environment to find what they need, they are less sensitive to price? That’s right! The reverse is true, as well. When shoppers have trouble finding what they need during their retail experience, they become much more likely to bail on their search if the price is higher than anticipated.

Large format environmental graphics are powerful tools in a well-branded retail environment, but there’s more to it than just aesthetics. Once you understand what makes in-store graphics “tick,” you can leverage these tools to your – and your customers – greatest advantage.

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