Almost no industry has been immune to the effects of COVID-19. Coping with this new environment is no longer a choice, and living in the age of a pandemic has become a lifestyle. What does this mean for business? While some companies will thrive, many will struggle in the economic downturn.

Where does leadership come in? Chris Heile knows. Chris is Chief Strategy Officer for Graphic Village’s Intrinzic Division. On September 22, he presented a webinar on Leadership in the Age of Covid-19 where he illustrated how strong leaders respond to uncertainty and grow their business by adapting their organizations to meet emerging needs in the marketplace.

We’re now providing a replay of that presentation for your benefit and knowledge. Click the link below and learn processes all great leaders follow to stay one step ahead of the market. During the talk, Chris will share thoughts on how you can refocus your business to be better positioned for the road ahead – to emerge stronger after the pandemic than you were before it.