How do you get called a marketing brown-noser by your boss? You create powerful online market segmentation and get an 82% increase in conversions.

This is what Kathy Hecht, former marketing executive at American Greetings Corporation (now vp marketing and business development for Silver Star Brands), did.

Hecht created a test on American Greetings’ website. First she created a basic profile for the types of Spring holiday cards customers might be interested in. She created three buckets: Passover e-cards, Easter cards, and Easter Bunny cards. When customers logged into their accounts, they saw one of the three options based on their profile. The company saw an 82% increase in e-card sends.

“On the first day of the program, my boss called me and said, ‘OK, you brown-noser, what are you doing?” recalls Hecht in a white paper from Direct Marketing News. So Hecht asked her boss to experience it for himself. He logged in as a customer and was exposed to a Passover e-card banner. Then she logged in and received the Easter card banner. The company hasn’t done business the same way since.

While this example relates to online commerce, the principle applies to print, as well. Break your target audience into segments, then send more targeted, relevant material, and response and conversion rates will soar.

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