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Headquartered in Blue Ash, Ohio, Graphic Village is the leading, independent print marketing solutions provider in the Greater Cincinnati region. Known for transforming creative ideas into powerful results, we provide a broad suite of solutions. We delight clients by helping them achieve their objectives through brand consulting, design, comprehensive printing, personalized direct mail, large format displays, packaging, apparel, fulfillment and marketing automation.

Please contact Larry Kuhlman at 513-241-1865 x101 to learn how we can enhance candidate name recognition and brand awareness.
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No matter your party affiliation or the office you’re running for, generating brand awareness needs to be your top campaign priority. Voters vote based upon name recognition. By providing you with a variety of professional print marketing options, coupled with exceptional mailing services, we are able to enhance and leverage name recognition to your advantage.

  • Large Format Yard Signs
  • Banners/Flyers for Rallies and other Campaign Events
  • Door Hangers


Apparel and promotional products are another great way to further enhance name recognition. Paired properly with a print campaign, branded merchandise not only enhances brand loyalty, creates memorability and increases familiarity, it also allows you to continually stay top-of-mind with voters, especially at the polls.

  • T-Shirts and Apparel
  • Face Masks
  • Mugs
  • Water Bottles
  • Pens and Pencils
  • And much more


In today’s digital marketplace, high quality, personalized and relevant direct mail remains one of your most powerful campaign marketing tools for making an impact with voters. Our tested logistics strategies for best in campaign optimization, coupled with our USPS certified mail center, provides mail pieces that qualify for the highest postal discounts. First class, presort, labeling and drop-shipping resources are also available.

  • Variable Printing Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Tested Mail Logistics Strategies and Solutions
  • A USPS Certified Mail Center


Not just anonymous faces in the crowd, your supporters are people with names and specific concerns. Variable Data Printing (VDP) changes your marketing to one speaking directly with your target voters in a more personal manner. With VDP, each piece can vary by adding personalization of a first name, changing graphics from piece to piece, as well as valuable information. This kind of customization creates a personalized experience that more deeply resonates with voters in order to get the vote out.

  • Targeted postcard mailings
  • Comprehensive data management (Segmented by demographics, lifestyle and cluster spectrums)
  • Union partnerships if required
  • Gang offset runs (One-week turnaround)
  • Smaller digital runs with mail lists
  • Daily mailings (Defined as a 48-hour turn)
  • Coordination with political parties and Ohio county Board of Elections

Please contact Larry Kuhlman at 513-241-1865 x101 to learn how we can enhance candidate name recognition and brand awareness.
To place a direct order, please visit Here.