From hospitality to energy, no industry has been immune to the effects of COVID-19. Just coping with this new environment is simply no longer a choice, and living in the age of a pandemic has become a lifestyle that we’re rapidly adjusting to. As an innovative leader in print solutions and brand elevation, we have pivoted a portion of our operations to focus on providing a series of C-19 solutions that can be used for employee and customer protection as well as vehicles for promoting proper social distancing.

Facial coverings are now required in twelve Ohio counties, including Hamilton County, where we and many of our clients reside. In addition to offering masks in a variety of materials and styles, we also have a substantial supply of the highly lauded KN95 respirator mask; which is certified to standards similar to the EU FFP2 certification and the US N95 certified mask. Standard variety cloth masks are immediately available, while customized versions with logos and messaging to leverage your brand can be ordered as well.

Convey your brand while being safe. Our signage, decal and barrier/shield solutions are designed to further protect your employees and customers, helping them safely and intelligently interact within your office, retail or curbside space. Consistently being brand-right is imperative for any organization. Accordingly, our team of design professionals will work with you to customize products that not only reinforce your brand, but also adhere to prescribed CDC social distancing guidelines.

For added convenience, we also carry a variety of hand sanitizers and disinfecting sprays.

Products are available now through a Graphic Village sales representative or online at We’re experts in print solutions, and with facial coverings, social distancing and sanitizing precautions being the new normal, a dedicated supplier who can help you stay safe while elevating your brand is essential.