For many of us in marketing, postage rates are nothing to sneeze at. For those of you not in the know, the United States Postal Service filed notice in May with the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) requesting price changes. These changes were approved, and will take effect on Sunday, August 29, 2021.

The approved price changes will raise overall Market Dominant product and service prices by approximately 6.9 percent. First-Class Mail prices will increase by 6.8 percent to offset declining revenue due to First-Class Mail volume declines.

The silver-lining? Recognizing the important role that mail plays in direct marketing, and the effectiveness of direct mail to drive business and amplify marketing messages, the benefit to all is that the preferred rate postcard size is increasing from 4.25 x 6 to 6 x 9. What does this mean for you? Going forward, marketers will now be able to send qualifying mail at any size from 4.25 x 6 to 6 x 9 and still receive the preferred rate:

  • Current First-Class Postcard Retail Rates = $0.36pp / Auto Presort from $0.285pp to $0.269pp
  • After August 29: First-Class Postcard Retail Rates (including 6×9) = $0.40pp / Auto Presort from $0.326pp to $0.306pp

Bigger is Now Efficient.

We don’t have to tell you that bigger is sometimes better, but in addition to better facilitating the use of presorted postcards for combined promotional and non-promotional content, the opportunities for increased sizes now allow marketers to more fully leverage:

  • More impactful headlines
  • Greater effectiveness in visuals and imagery
  • More space and visual hierarchy – allowing body copy and targeted messaging to be better communicated and comprehended by the recipient
  • Space to include QR Codes and other technologies in order to drive prospects to videos and landing pages – allowing further engagement

In the past, the 4.25 x 6 postcard has proved to be an effective vehicle. With marketers estimated to earn an average 4.7 to 34.7 return on ad spend, the larger 6 x 9 postcard may be worth a test.

Source: “6×9 Postcards Can Help Mitigate USPS Postage Increase Costs,” by Michael McCormick (SG360°)