“The only thing truly permanent in this life is change.” If there’s one quote that truly sums up 2020 so far, it is this one. A dramatic and unforeseen animal, change is everywhere this year, and the business world is no exception.

To survive the short-term and thrive in the long-term, businesses have learned to adapt and evolve. Day-to-day modifications have been key for some, while other businesses are scrambling to be relevant in a changed marketplace. Furthermore, rapid innovation and adjustments to business models and overall go-to-market strategies are yet other ways businesses are having to adapt.

What should your course of action be? If anything, now is the time for you and your team to stay on message. Being authentic and consistent needs to be a part of any pivot you are planning. By continuing to be relevant and meaningfully connect with your key audiences, your messaging will keep pace, assuring your value is communicated to the marketplace.

Key areas of messaging to consider include:

  1. Have you clearly articulated the value you bring to your employees and your customers? This is especially important if that value has changed as you pivot with the new realities.
  2. Are you targeting new segment/audiences? Have you adapted your message to be relevant to their needs?
  3. Have you adjusted your brand story to reflect your business changes?
  4. Have you communicated to your employees what the changes you have made mean to them and their role?
  5. Are you using messaging to manage the ever-changing environment, ensuring all your constituents are regularly updated?
  6. Is your marketplace messaging fully representing the authentic truth of your culture and brand? Are you exhibiting proper empathy and sympathy true to your organizational ethics and values? Is your brand voice consistent?
  7. Does your team have messaging tools for quick implementation through all channels?

If you are finding it necessary to pivot your messaging, now is the time to act. Executing action plans and messaging strategies to successfully pivot your business are fundamental in not just surviving the now, but thriving in what’s next. Yes, times are tough, but there are opportunities to be found if we are willing to embrace these new realities.