Fulfillment & Execution

Our solutions go beyond Creative Services and Print & Packaging! We are a dedicated one-stop solution to all things marketing. We offer custom portals that meet your specific internal or external needs including warehousing, kitting, fulfilling, and even mailing on your behalf.

GV Connect

Personalize your marketing materials and protect your brand standards. Save money and become more efficient. Our Marketing Asset Portal, or MAP, is a convenient, cost-effective way to house your approved marketing materials, for on-demand printing and production.

Integrate online ordering, production & fulfillment with a multichannel web services solution that automates these processes. GV Connect, formerly our Marketing Asset Portal(MAP (formerly known as Marketing Asset Management, or MAM)) provides a full range of services including:

  • Job submission and tracking
  • Development of customizable storefronts and template design
  • Variable data publishing (VDP) functionality
  • Campaign management
  • Mail list purchasing
  • Digital asset management
  • Inventory control and integration with production workflow

GV Connect will help you control your brand, eliminate obsolescence and reduce your operational costs.

Connect by Graphic Village

Connect provides a one-stop gateway for ordering all marketing collateral. Streamlined and secure digital asset management reduces the cost of procurement. Most importantly, this system will further the objectives of your marketing department by providing your sales channel with easily accessible, branded and personalized communications, ready for distribution.

  • Brand Control
  • Consistent messaging to targets
  • Customized reporting and tracking capabilities
  • Reduces the cost of procurement
  • Control obsolescince by producing products that change frequently on demand
  • No server, software or internal IT support required

Mailing Services

Located within a day’s drive of 65 percent of North America’s population, we print, address and manage mail delivery to ensure your mail enters the postal process at the fastest possible rate and with the highest level of quality and security. We use national and international carriers to deliver products around the world. Our experience in domestic and international freight handling allows us to help customers with the best delivery options.

Whether a marketing promotion, regulatory mailing or national campaign, our fully integrated workflow offers an end-to-end solution to ensure your project stays on time and on budget.

  • USPS certified
  • Static assembly for large or small drop shipments
  • Standard pick and pack fulfillment

Warehousing, Fulfillment & Kitting:

We assemble, kit and store print, package or promotional items in our own facility until they are needed for distribution.

  • Full-service operation
  • Large-volume and location-specific kit assembly, all under one roof
  • Variable content and personalized fulfillment
  • Data management and fulfillment
  • Acquisition and retention programs
  • High-speed automation and inline operations
  • Portal-accessed print-on-demand
  • High-resolution imaging

Comprehensive Finishing

All manufacturing is accomplished through our in-house capabilities. This guarantees schedule, quality and budget. From simple trimming and stitching to complex die-cutting and folding, our state-of-the-art equipment and experienced technicians turn printed sheets into finished products.

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