404, 2019

Warehouse Associate

We are in search of a Warehouse Associate, who follows detailed procedures to perform pick and pack work of customer’s inventory. Pick and package a variety of marketing related items that require a variety of packing procedures and techniques. Place, arrange, mark, seal, and tag items on pallets and in containers, bins, and bulk storage. Consolidate various items for shipment in accordance with standard operating instructions. Counts, sorts and assembles finished products into boxes or containers for shipping. Performs related tasks such as placing labels on packages, putting manuals into binders and handling boxes for the final product. Ensures accurate shipping information is attached and packages are shipped according to specified requests from clients.

1210, 2018

Screen Printing Press Operator

We are in search of a Screen-Printing Press Operator who will be responsible for screen printing on t-shirts, sweatshirts and a variety of other apparel. The press operator role includes the setup and operation of screen printing machines to print designs onto articles and materials.

1210, 2018

Scrapper Associate

We are in search of a scrapper who will strip paperboard cartons while making sure it meets our standard of print quality. This is a fast paced environment with multiple actions being processed.

1210, 2018

Ream Cutter

We are in search of a ream cutter, who will be responsible for operating Lawson Guillotine Cutter that cuts & adjusts paperboard dimensions to job specifications. This is an independently run position which needs attention to detail as multiple actions are being processed.

1210, 2018

Head Press Operator

We are in search of a head press operator. This position is responsible for setting up, adjusting, operating, and maintaining a single or multicolored offset press to print single-color, two-color, and/or multicolored work.