Harness the strength of packaging design to make an impression and reinforce your brand.

Packaging plays an essential role in marketing and merchandising products across the entire retail spectrum. Package choices can literally mean the difference between brisk sales and stunted turnover, so the stakes are high for manufacturers, producers, retailers, and contract packaging professionals. And since each product has unique packaging requirements, success ultimately results from a carefully measured custom approach, accounting for a wide range of concerns.

Each packaging project presents its own challenges, but they all share the mutual goal of creating stand-out shelf presence that moves units out the door.   Truly exceptional packaging strikes many notes, simultaneously incorporating adequate product protection, appealing consumer features, and brand identifiers. Forward-thinking packagers use all the tools at their disposal – from advanced materials to highly automated production methods – creating distinctive designs that add value to the products they contain.

Distinctive Design Makes an Impression

In addition to providing protection, packages play the dual role of merchandisers, tasked with attracting attention and stimulating sales. It is a tall order, but exceptional packaging must make an impression with shoppers, or turns will not be satisfactory. Creative combinations draw from several design elements to create lasting impressions with shoppers.

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  • Texture – A powerful, yet oft-overlooked tool for capturing public attention. Texture related to particular products helps set them apart, like spray-can lids with representative samples of the textured paint the cans contain.
  • Color – Brand identity often links to a color scheme, so packaging laden with consistent colors and design themes creates lasting brand awareness and helps cross-merchandise other line items.
  • Graphics – Printing technology now enables clear graphics to be transferred to nearly any surface. As a result, print plays a key role in modern package merchandising.
  • Images – True life imagery is not the best approach for every package, but when a personal connection warrants visual reinforcement, brands successfully turn to photography for help.
  • Shape – Innovative package designs have successfully linked brand identity to a particular shape, creating lasting associations among consumers.

Exceptional Designs Reinforce Branding

Making an impression is a good start, but prolonged success relies on deeper associations between memorable packages and the positive experience of doing business with your brand. For starters, graphics and other features should be original, so there is no mistaking the positive power of your brand. And messages should be clear and consistent, creating expectations that set you apart from competitors operating in the same niche. For some producers, this means playful packaging, like juice boxes resembling pieces of fruit. While other campaigns use simplicity as a brand signature, offering pared-down packages with clean lines and limited printing.

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