At Graphic Village, we have the honor of partnering with some of the most creative design, marketing and branding professionals in the Cincinnati region (and beyond). Getting to know these imaginative idea people is a privilege, and with the holidays upon us we thought we’d rustle up some gift ideas for that creative, design-oriented, special someone who happens to be in your life.

Creatives fervently yearn to be inspired. In fact, the need to drink from the well of inspiration or to associate with things that influence and resonate is most often a principal source of their interest. From quirky collectibles and music to books, photography and packaging, items that inspire can be found almost anywhere and are entirely subjective. However, the team at GV has a discerning eye, and after some intense scrutiny regarding audience and appeal, we’ve curated a gift guide we feel will equally amuse as well as delight.

From your friends at Graphic Village, we wish you an inspired season of peace, success, health and joy! Now, on to the list of good goods.

For the Well-Rounded Design Enthusiast

Font of the Month Club

Nothing says you’re my type more than, well, type. The gift that keeps on giving, Font of the Month Club sends your special, creative someone a fresh new font every single month – including distinctive display faces, experimental designs and exclusive previews of retail typeface families.

Pantone™ Wide Tea Cup

With this thoughtful gift, not only can your favorite creative someone peruse their Pantone™ Color Guide with intensity and zeal, but now they can do it with the help of a Pantone™ Wide Tea Cup on hand to inspire them. Featuring a familiar wide band of classic Pantone color (four color options to choose from), the hue’s name and number are printed beneath it in the style of a famous Pantone color swatch.

Shepard Fairey UNO Deck

Mattel has developed their first sustainably made Artiste Series UNO deck, and who better to feature in the debut series than Obey Giant artist/designer, Shepard Fairey. Influenced by pop art, propaganda posters, album covers, skateboard graphics and street art, the work of Mr. Fairey lends itself inextricably well to the UNO card deck.

Vinyl Moon – Vinyl Mixtape Art Club

Don’t mistake your creative friend for a hipster. They were just born that way. But like hipsters, creatives sometimes dip their audiophile tendencies into the high-fidelity realm of vinyl. After all, vinyl, like print, is back, but music club Vinyl Moon takes it one step further. “Vinyl Moon is the only vinyl ‘mixtape’ club that combines the best new music with original artwork to create an ultra-deluxe record experience. Delivered monthly, each record gives you a fun, interactive and completely unique way to discover new music and art each month.”


For Those Who Dig a Little Kitsch

Azio Retro Classic Bluetooth Keyboard

One thing about creatives is that they love gadgets. Throw a rock into a flock of creatives, and you’ll most likely hit one that also effuses over Steampunk. Combine their enthusiasm for these with the amount of time they spend on a keyboard, and you’ve got the perfect gift in the Azio Retro Classic BT Keyboard. Don’t send a gift that simply makes them happy. Send a gift that makes them giddy. (Act now and get 25% off with Code, XMAS25)

Classic Folding Aluminum Webbed Lawn Chairs

Outside of a bamboo box full of tiki mugs from the famed Mai-Kai in Ft. Lauderdale, nothing gets more kitschy than the classic timelessness of Folding Aluminum Frame Lawn Chairs. Buy one. No, buy two. Slip out of those dress pants and into some Bermuda shorts, then silently kick back into the high-quality, fade resistant webbing of an American-made aluminum frame lawn chair. While you’re at it, enjoy a cool rum drink from one of those tiki mugs. Bonus points if you leave on your black dress socks.

Polaroid 600 Frida Kahlo Instant Film Camera

This is Frida Kahlo, not Frida from ABBA. Regardless, take a chance on the Polaroid 600 Frida Kahlo Instant Film Camera – a new custom camera built from refurbished, vintage Polaroid internal components all housed in a newly-molded Frida Kahlo exterior body (unibrow included). “A portion of all proceeds will go to Together We Rise, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of children in foster care.”


For the Bibliophile in Your Life

Creatives like books. They like to collect them, read them, touch them and live with them (and sometimes even smell them). No doubt that special, creative someone in your life has their own library at home, curated specifically to their unique interests and personal influences. We’ve done a little curating of our own, and below are a few creative book resources and suggestions that should keep your friend inspired.

The Retrospekt Design Book Collection

Milton Glaser: Graphic Design, by Milton Glaser

Art of Modern Rock: The Poster Explosion, by Paul Grushkin

House Industries: The Process Is the Inspiration, forward by JJ Abrams

How to Use Graphic Design to…, by Michael Bierut

The History of Graphic Design. Vol. 2. 1960–Today, by Jens Müller

The Package Design Book, by Pentawards


For the Photography Enthusiast

Creatives are a particular bunch. They have high standards regarding the type of art, design and photography that they can live with. Most often they’ll have opinions regarding the type of art, design and photography that you should be living with as well. Well, we’ve made the job easy for you and compiled a few select photography resource sites to help you find the perfect fine art photo for your discerning friend or special, creative someone. From 60s glam and Ziggy Stardust to ethereal mountains and forested lakes, we’ve got you covered.

House of Spoils



For Those Who Appreciate a Well-Designed Bottle on Their Shelf

From the spirits that visited old Ebenezer to the ones that fill our glass, the spirit of the holidays is now upon us. It’s the latter spirit that makes a fine gift, and while not all creative types partake in spirited beverages, they’ll all agree that a display of well-designed bottles adds a touch of class to any shelf. With that in mind, we’ve perused the packaging landscape, and culled a few fine bottles that’ll add a little aesthetic elegance and sophistication to your person’s liquor collection. Tasteful type treatments? Check. Distinguished bottle shapes? Also, check. Refined touches like embossing and foil-stamping? Yep, they’ve got that too.

El Tesoro Tequila

Castle and Key Spirits

Hanson of Sonoma Small Batch Vodka

Sonoma Brothers Distilling

Old Standard Organic Corn Whiskey

The Admiral 3-Piece Decanter & Tumbler Set